Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rajkumar Hirani decides to casts Aamir Khan as Munna Bhai?

Trustworthy sources inform us that Rajkumar Hirani has decided to embrace the biggest challenge of his career. Reportedly, the director of ‘Munnabhai Mbbs’, ‘Lage Raho Munnabhai’ and ‘3 Idiots’ has decided to cast Aamir Khan as Munna and Sharman Joshi as Circuit, in place of Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi, respectively, for his new film ‘Munnabhai Chale Amreeka’.

The news was received with shock and astonishment by the loyal fans of the Munnabhai franchise.

Aamir Khan, who never reacts to gossip, did clarify on this issue to this writer, before leaving for the U.S. "I am shocked. I wish to clarify that there's not an iota of truth to it. Yes, I would love to work with Rajkumar Hirani again and again, since I enjoyed working with him in ‘3 Idiots’, but the truth is we haven't discussed any new project yet," Aamir tells me.

But didn't he express his willingness to portray Munnabhai when he heard the one-line story of ‘Munnabhai Chale Amreeka’? "That's completely untrue! I have no clue what it's all about, nor has Raju [Hirani] narrated me its one-liner. I distinctly recall, I hugged Sanju after I watched ‘Munnabhai Mbbs’. He was incredible in that film. When I think of Munna, I can't think of anyone except Sanju. For me, Sanju is Munna," Aamir states.

Meanwhile, Aamir has clarified that he hasn't signed any new film yet. What about Anurag Kashyap's next film? "I haven't signed any film. Not Anurag's film either. Right now, I would like to focus on my three home-productions before I start shooting any film. ‘Peepli Live’ will arrive first, followed by ‘Delhi Belly’ and then Kiran's ‘Dhobi Ghaat’, which stars Prateek Babbar and me. This film would release towards the end of the year. But I plan to listen to new scripts after three months," Aamir sets the record straight.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Imran gifts Volkswagen Beetle to fiancée Avantika

Mumbai, January 16 -- A red color Volkswagen Beetle has been gifted by Bollywood actor Imran Khan as an engagement gift to his long-time sweetheart, Avantika Malik.

"Imran gifted her a red Beetle as her engagement present. He got the car from Europe and was at it for a month and a half," a source close to the actor said.

The ring ceremony will be taking place at Avantika’s family farmhouse in Kajrat outside Mumbai on Saturday night.

The couple has been dating for five years and was first spotted together at the premier of Imran’s debut film ‘Jaane Tu….Ya Jaane Na’ in 2008.

Engagement will be simple and low-key affair for only close family and friends
Everything about the engagement ceremony has been kept under the wraps since Imran and Avantika want the ceremony to be simple and low-key affair.

Imran said, “I don’t want my engagement to be a tamasha. We have invited 300 guests, mostly family and close friends. We wanted to keep it personal.”

Imran also revealed the guest list, “Aamir Khan will be there with wife Kiran, so will Mansoor (Imran’s uncle) and family.”

Karan Johar will be attending the engagement ceremony, but surprisingly Imran’s best-buddy Ranbir Kapoor is missing from the list.

On that, Imran said, “I have invited Karan (Johar), but no matter what media reports, I have not invited actors to the engagement. So Ranbir is not on the guest list.”

Imran and Avantika will be dressed in outfits designed by Karan Johar and Varun Bahl
Imran will be dressed in a black sherwani with ivory silk kurta and black trousers designed by Karan Johar and Varun Bahl for the big night ahead.

Avantika will be in a Varun Bahl creation.

Amazing thing is Imran has himself designed the engagement ring for Avantika. “I wanted it to be unique... and special,” he said.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Deepika and Imran in "Break Ke Baad "

Right after Deepika Padukone's breakup with Ranbir Kapoor, the actress is coincidentally doing a film titled Break Ke Baad with Imran Khan.

That's what Kunal Kohli has chosen to call the first film that he is producing and not directing.

Says Kunal: "I and director Danish Aslam always wanted to call his film Break Ke Baad because it's about a couple played by Imran and Deepika who breakup and want to come back together. But since we didn't have the rights to the title, we didn't want to announce it officially."

Kunal and his team couldn't locate the legal owners of the title anywhere in Mumbai. "We finally tracked it down to Bangalore to a 60-year-old gentleman who deals in electrical goods. He owns a company called Seva Films. Break Ke Baad is one of the titles he had registered."

"He loved our idea and gladly parted with the title. Just like Break Ke Baad, while writing Hum Tum I wanted my film to be called only that. Milind Soman had that title. I called him for it and finally he sold it to us for Rs.1.5 lakh," he added.

However, he said, getting permission to shoot in Delhi was far more difficult. "So many recent films have been shot in Delhi. Now the rules for shooting in the Capital have changed. I could write a thesis on what I've gone through to get permission to shoot in Delhi."

Kunal's problems as a producer don't end there. He has been denied permission to shoot in Australia's Gold Coast. "So we'll have to shoot in Cape Twon and fudge the Gold Coast."

Break Ke Baad is set in Delhi and Australia.